14th July, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Job listings ready - take notes!

Good morning everyone. Quite a few opportunities today, so good luck applying!


Over the weekend/coming weeks, you should start seeing our blogs on the site. If there’s any feedback/ideas/thoughts you have for the site and how we can improve, contact the Find a Writing Job team and let us know!


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Regular part-time blogging work for content company (Remote)

“California” writers wanted for regular content job (Remote)

On-going work for local content writer for a web site (Connecticut/work at home)

Marijuana writer for regular 1,000-word (mostly list) articles (Remote)

Full time sports content strategist for digital marketing company (Vancouver)

Conservative writer for Tea Party blog (Remote)

Positive writers for unique breakfast-related opportunity (Remote)

Blogger for baby gear and products (Remote)

Resident writer for chiropractor blog (Remote)

Content writer for digital marketing project (Remote)

SEO orientated blog writer (Philadelphia)

Content writer for education portal (Remote)

Science specialist content writer (Remote)



Copywriter/social media specialist for Home Care Pulse (East Idaho)

E-Commerce copywriter (SF Bay Area)

Part time digital copywriter (Brooklyn)

Editor copywriter for travel related products (Littleton)

Senior copywriter for Nautica sportswear brand (Jersey City)

Senior advertising copywriter for State Farm (Bloomington)


Editing & Proofreading

Proof-reader/copyeditor with pharmaceutical experience for six-month contract (New Jersey)

Part-time proof-reader for time sensitive projects with a printing company (Austin)

PhD level proof-reader for gender studies dissertation (London)

Proof-reader/editor for small business (Belmont)

Developmental editors to help new authors (Remote)

Sponsored content editor (Palo Alto)

Social and digital media editor for Bobit Business Media (Chicago)


Journalism & Print

Senior editor for teenage-orientated creative magazine (Pittsburgh)

Part-time reporter for legal news service in Central/South Phoenix (Central/South Phoenix)

Courthouse researcher needed for civil court filings (Wyoming)

Food/beverage/lifestyle writer (Phoenix)

Freelance reporter for the Larchmont Ledger (California)

Writers for luxury nightlife magazine (SF Bay Area)


Proposal Writing

Part time creation of a small business plan (Phoenix)


Technical Writing

Technical documentation specialist for full time position for Reynolds and Reynolds (Houston)

Technical writer for client services team (Dallas)

Tech writer/editor for Lockheed Martin (San Diego)

Technical writer/MATHLAB Coder for MathLabs (Natick)

Senior technical writer for Marvell (Santa Clara)


Sports Writing

US-based sportswriter for wide-ranging job (Remote)


Resume Writing

Write “bad ass” resume (Beverly Hills)

Resume needed for a filmmaker (Manhattan)



Academic tutors (New Jersey)

French Canadian speakers for remote audio transcription (Trois Rivieres)

Transcribers for unscripted TV shows and interviews (Remote)

Graphic Designer/ E-commerce Contient Asst. for Rustic Edge Marketing (Raleigh)

Writer/evaluator for various products in beauty niche (Brooklyn)

Writer for new ‘Johnny Carson Style’ TV show on VOD network (Richmond, Vancouver)

Low paying job for anyone with a two-year-old Yelp account (Remote)

Screenwriter for book adaptation (Manhattan)

Part time book writer on numerous subjects (San Diego)



Web copywriting intern (Miami)

Social media interns (Palm Beach)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!

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