24th July, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Writing down the best jobs

Good morning everyone and welcome to the working week!

We’ve got a collection of writing jobs taken from the web over the weekend. Spotted this and this in LA, so clearly someone isn’t best pleased with the kind of writing jobs that are being advertised lately. If you see anything like this, contact us and send it over. Comic relief is always welcome.

Anyway, on with the jobs.

Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Article writer for SEO firm (Remote)

Article/blog writers and editors for on-going work (Remote)

Content writers for vegan blog (Remote)

Content writer/copywriter for internet advertising company (Las Vegas)

Senior content writer for large coffee company (Seattle)

Freelance writing assignments available (Remote)

Article/guide writers wanted (Remote)

Website blogger/writer (Remote)

Content writer for local website (Vancouver)

Article writer for food/beverage app (Remote)

Freelance bloggers for COED media (Remote)

Stock market analyst for the Motley Fool (Remote)



Marketing copywriter for business mentoring company (San Diego/Remote)

Copywriters for travel company (Remote)

Junior copywriter/designer for small marketing company (LA)

E-commerce copywriter for part time contract (South Jersey)

Product writer for consumer goods (Remote)

Marketing assistant/social media/content writer for makeup/skin care company (Broward County)

In-house copywriter for full time position at Automated Marketing Group (Denver)

Copywriter for e-commerce jewellery website (North Jersey)

Digital copywriter for social networking platform (London)

Marketing copywriter for Corporate Brokers (Vienna, VA)

Copywriter/editor for SAMS (DC)


Editing & Proofreading

Junior content editor and social media manager (LA)

Personal/editorial assistant (Boston)

Part-time editorial assistant (Pittsburgh)

Managing editor for travel blog (Remote)

Associate editor at Weldon Owen (SF)


Journalism & Print

Full time tech reporter for government/industry newsletter (DC)

Staff writer for product review website (Seattle)

Journalist to assist with writing/research product owners (Remote)

Motorcycle writers for print magazine (Remote)


Proposal Writing

PowerPoint expert for proposal writing project (DC)

Whitepaper writer required (LA)

Proposal writer for tours/travel company (Long Island)

Team members required for crowd funding project (London)


Technical Writing

Technical writer and researcher for medical firm (Remote)

Technical writer/editor for Applied Memetics (Fairfax)

Writer for HCI Integrated Solutions (MD)

Writer editor for technical work at Federal Aviation Administration (Renton)

Bid writer/editor for the Triumph Group (Arlington)


Resume Writing

Help with resume writing (Austin)



Academic tutors (Phoenix)

Swedish to English translators for documents (Sechelt)

Social media/blogging assistant (Remote)

Social media investigator (Sacramento)

Writers needed to review Amazon book (Remote)

Spanish speaker to help a few days in an office (Dallas)

Customer service specialist for AirBnB (Denver)

Academic essay writers wanted (Remote)

Experienced script analysts (LA/Remote)

Social media manager (Bay Area)

Turn website pages into a PDF (Remote)

Amazon keyword specialist for e-commerce jewellery website (North Jersey)

Academic writers for variety of subjects (Remote)

Science quiz writer (SF)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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