31st July, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Daily writing jobs to apply for right now

Happy Monday morning, everyone! Another week, another selection of writing jobs. On top of that, we’ll have an article up later which discusses the best techniques for dealing with international linguistic differences. Basically, how to write for a British/American/Whatever audience when you’re from another country. Keep an eye out!


Anyway, here’s the list to help you Find a Writing Job:


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Writers needed for newspaper style local blog (Kansas City)

Social media blogger/online marketer (LA)

Content writer for lifestyle site (Montreal)

Short, low paying article writing (Remote)

Articles writers for A List Apart (Remote)

Sex/Dating advice writers (Remote)

Entry level content writers (Remote)

Writer/editor at the department of Homeland Security (DC)



Marketing communications specialist for Pacific Power Group (Portland)

Freelance SEO specialist (Remote)

B2B copywriter for Complex Content (Remote)

Copy Editor for stories on Snapchat (Remote)

Senior copywriter for Moncur (Detroit)


Editing & Proofreading

Manuscript editor for work on a Word document (Remote)

English speaker to proofread TOEFL essay (Remote)

Freelance copyeditor for business items (Seattle/Remote)

Editor required for thriller novel (LA)


Journalism & Print

Interviewer/writer for TechLeaderTV (Sacramento)

Content editor for the Washington Post (NY)

Content strategist for the Washington Post (NY)

Stringer needed at Centre for Sustainable Journalism (DC)

Weekend editor at the Real Deal (NY)


Proposal Writing

Proposal writer to draft NOAA ProTech RFP (DC)

Proposal specialist for 2020 Companies (Dallas)

Grant writer for Integral BioSystems (Boston)

Proposal writer with the Coleman Groups (MD)

Senior proposal writer in product services (LA)


Technical Writing

Technical writer with CLIA experience for contract role (Seattle)

Technical writer for tax/payroll company (Atlanta)

Entry level technical writer (Salt Lake City)



‘Sexy’ male/female writer to help with project over Skype (Remote)

‘Bad Boy’ romance writers wanted for eBook projects (Remote)

Chinese translator needed to help with car dealership dispute (Detroit)

Homework nerd for six assignments a week (Remote)

Part-time transcriptionist (Tallahassee)

Short-term Spanish language tutor (Montreal)

Social media executive (London)

Teach English as a second language online (Remote)

Translate from Japanese to English (Remote)

Native Chinese speaker to help with translation (LA)

Film production company wants short film scripts (Toronto)

Executive speech writer (SF)

Formatting expert for Kindle poetry book (Remote)

Wikipedia expert for writer profile (Remote)



Editorial internship for QC magazine (Charlotte)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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