3rd August, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Writing tools for a good day's work

Hello everyone and good morning. Plenty more writing jobs available today. You know, there’s plenty of items posted around the web which are included in the ‘writing’ categories which don’t really fit into what people would traditionally think about as writing.


Take this job, for example. There’s quite a few of these social media/online investigation posts. They seem interesting (and a bit creepy) but they’re definitely not copywriting. Plus, there’s the more… adult adverts. Topless cleaners was one from the other day.


Anyway, that’s a brief aside into what doesn’t make it onto our daily Find a Writing Job updates. Here’s the real jobs:


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

SEO content writer (Burbank)

Web content coordinator for eco-friendly company (Santa Barbara)

Experienced science writer to help expand a book on evolution (Bay Area)

Communications ‘Specilist’ (Orange County)

Content writer/social media manager for senior care company (San Clemente)

Freelance content writer for education firm (Remote)

Web content writer for Washington State University (Pullman-Moscow)

Freelance stock market writers (Remote)

Fintech company needs long-form writers (Remote)

Social media/marketing writer (Remote)

Freelance writer for iBus Media (Remote)

Music/art blogger (Remote)

Freelance investment writer (NY)

Wine writer (CA)



Copywriter/layout editor of short biographical book (Vancouver)

Create ads in Japanese for sword import company (Remote)

On-site copywriters needed (Las Vegas)

Part-time Spanish speaking marketing experts (Maryland)

Marketing firm wants to meet freelance copywriters (San Diego)

Freelance copywriter (Seattle)

Viral copywriter and social media specialist (Austin)

Long-form ads copywriter for homebuilding company (Bay Area)


Editing & Proofreading

Copy/technical editor to review an 11-page interview (LA)

Legal proof-reader to help in law firm (LA)

Copyeditor for pharma company (Bay Area)

Part-time editor for mystery shopping firm (NY)


Journalism & Print

Managing content director for DiningOut magazine (Denver)

Content creators for national video production publication (Broward County)

Photojournalist/blogger (Fairfax)


Proposal Writing

Proposal writers with experience in developing federal proposals (Corvallis)

Proposal writer for Global Contract Consulting (Remote)


Technical Writing

Technical writer/editor for educational games company (Bay Area)

Technical writer with medical knowledge (Remote)



Help create list/descriptions of burning man artists (Bay Area)

Live academic transcriptionist (St Louis)

Freelance production manager for education firm (Seattle)

Data entry positions available (Glens Falls)

Academic tutors for private tutoring company (NY)

Social media customer service position for Pret (NY)

Assistant/writer needed for law firm (Houston)

Experienced TV news writer for full-time position (San Diego)

DIY website content manager (SF)

Dog website content manager (SF)

Wellness site content manager (SF)

Writer for video descriptions (Bethesda)



Editorial intern at Render Media (NY)

Junior writing intern (Dallas)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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