4th August, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Welcome to Friday! The week’s nearly over, but we have a fine collection of writing jobs nonetheless. Hope you’re ready for a lovely weekend.


Some of you might be particularly interested in the academic editors/analysts position, if that’s your sort of thing.


Anyway, on to the jobs.


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

SEO content writer full-time (Long Island)

Content writer for wedding website (Portland)

Content/social media position at a winery/brewery (Raleigh/remote)

Electrical engineering writer (Remote)

Blog writers for wearable tech sites (Toronto)

Content writer for luxury floral company (Manhattan)

Social media engager (NY)

Content writer for immigration law website (LA)



Freelance copywriter for content mill (Remote)

Full-time digital marketing copywriter (Vancouver)


Editing & Proofreading

Editorial production coordinator (Long Island)

Full-time content editor for marketing company (Remote)

Junior project coordinator for advertising agency (Phoenix)

Academic consulting firm needs analysts/editors (Sacramento)

TV news logger/editor (Chicago)

Part-time editor for legal documents (Victoria, BC)


Journalism & Print

Assistant editor for lifestyle magazine (DC)

Newsroom editor for Business Boston Wire (Boston)


Proposal Writing

Bid specialist for office furnishings company (Vancouver)


Technical Writing

Technical editor and field assistant (Bozeman)



English/Turkish translator for one off job (NY)

Full-time senior reviser for transcription firm (Montreal)

Write occasional online reviews (Remote)

Full-time social media associate with Spotify (Phoenix)

Full time admin assistant to read/score essays (Remote)

Help create refund request letters (DC)

Medical historian/scribe (Ventura)

Experienced transcribers for contract positions (Manhattan)

Noir themed work for new fiction anthology (Remote)

Transcribers for reality TV interviews (Remote)



Production design assistant for marketing firm (Orange County)

Graphic design intern for desktop publishing (Manhattan)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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