18th August, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Job opportunities for writers from all over the internet

Good morning, everyone. Big list of writing opportunities today. Something for everyone.

Let’s get straight down to business:


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

SEO web writer (Remote)

Freelance writer with local knowledge (Victoria, BC)

Writer in the beauty niche (Remote)

Blogger needed for mid-Atlantic PR firm (Brooklyn)

LGBT writer (Phoenix)

US-based writers for very quick project (Remote)

Blogger needed for local PR firm (Baltimore)

Content writers with knowledge of local area (Baltimore)

Social media writers (Portland)

Web writer for tech company (Remote)

Part-time reality TV writers (Remote)

Part-time digital content writer (Remote)

Content writer for social media company (Boston)

SEO writer for e-commerce site (Remote)

Freelance tech bloggers (Remote)

Bloggers for current affairs site (Remote)

Freelance content marketing writer for Spoke (Remote)

Travel writers for LGBTQ website (NY)



Copywriter for Inseev Interactive (San Diego)

Jewellery copywriter (Manhattan)

Promotional materials copywriter for small project (Queens)

Full-time copywriter for creative studio (Bay Area)

Copywriter for Top Left Creative (Portland)

Copywriter for boutique legal recruiting agency (Atlanta)


Editing & Proofreading

Editor – Publishing (Hertfordshire)

Copyeditor to oversee website revamp (Brooklyn)


Journalism & Print

Overnight newsroom editor (Manhattan)

French news reporter (Montreal)

Organic food magazine seeking submissions (Remote)

Business reporter (Oregon)


Resume Writing

Freelance resume writer required (Remote)

Executive resume writer (Denver)


Proposal Writing

Grant writer for mental health/arts organisation (SF)


Technical Writing

Full-time technical proposal writer (Tampa Bay)

Full-time technical editor/copywriter for Trade Association (DC)

IC Design & Verification technical writer (Portland)

Technical writer for accounting and admin firm (Boulder)

Technical writer for data analysis firm (Remote)


Sports Writing

Sports betting blogger (Remote)



Virtual medical scribe (Raleigh)

Marketing/office assistant (Orange County)

Script writing low budget faith movies (Orange County)

Write a biography of client’s father (Chicago)

Write an essay about the client (Phoenix)

Post-production transcribers (LA)

Short film script writer (Toronto)

Remote executive assistant (Remote)

Customer service manager (Fairbanks)

Entry-level social media poster/comms expert (Broward County)

Research report writer (Portland)

Communications coordinator (Portland)

English to French Canadian translator (Toronto)

Bio writer for Canadian hip hop group (Toronto)

Speech writer (Manhattan)

Experienced screenplay writer for formatting (DC)



Copywriting intern (LA)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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