23rd August, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Do you want to find a writing job?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Getting close to the middle of the week and it’s exactly that kind of time when you might be wondering what writing jobs are out there. Well, we’re here to help you find a writing job. Take a look at there opportunities…


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Associate staff writer for tech gear company (San Diego)

Legal content writer (Chicago)

Content writers for wedding site (Portland)

Content writer for ADF International (Remote)

Tech content writers for on-going work (Cole Springs)

Content writer for marketing/social media/etc (South Florida)

Part-time tech writers (Denver)

Content writers for Virtual CPA firm (Victor, MT)

Cryptocurrency writers (Remote)

Software as a service blogger (Vancouver)

Website content assistance (Remote)

Online promotional content writer (LA)

B2B tech blogger (Las Vegas)

DIY article writers (LA)

Social media/digital marketing writer (LA)

Content writer for Learnkit (Remote)


Product copywriter for ski company (Vermont)

Copy co-ordinator/content writer for garden supply company (Santa Barbara)

Health/fitness copywriter (Bay Area)

Wedding photographer requires experienced copywriter (NY)

Copywriting for tourism website (Bay Area)


Editing & Proofreading

Content/data editor (Bellevue)

Full-time associate editor (Eastern Shore)

Quality assurance editor (Las Vegas)

Qualified editors for scientific paper editing company (Houston)

Medical editor (NY)

Book editor (LA)

Social media editor (Remote)


Proposal Writing

Full-time proposal manager (Tampa Bay)

Grant writer for Get Fully Funded (Loudon)

Part-time grant writer for I Am Ministries (FL)

Whitepaper writer for software firm (NY)


Technical Writing

Technical writer with InDesign knowledge (Orange County)

Technical writer for investment accounting software (Boston)

Full-time senior technical writer (Boston)

Documentation writer for software company (Remote)

Report writer for behavioural health firm (Boston)


Sports Writing

Freelance sports reporters for high school football games (California)



Producer requires short screenplay (Sydney)

Workflow assistant (Sacramento)

Script writer for voice over real estate commercials (Vancouver)

Data input editors (Glens Falls)

Literature study guide writers (Boston)

Writing/editing/tutoring services (LA)

Focus group transcriber (Dallas)

Digital content archiving associate (NY)

Writing tutor (Bay Area)

Transcriptionist (London/Remote)

Book reviewers needed (Remote)

Business research writer (Minneapolis)

Eastern religion writers (Vancouver)

Book researcher (Remote)



Writing journalism internship (Remote)

Sports analytics/predictions start up internship (Bay Area)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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