12th September, 2017 – Writing Jobs

We want to help you find the best writing jobs

Hello everyone and welcome to the new week. We missed Monday’s update, so we’ve put together a special, bumper update packed full of jobs.


Plenty of writing jobs available so let’s get straight to it:


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Tech content writer for advertising firm (Remote)

Content writer for web development company (Salem)

Freelance writer needed for various topics (NY)

Gaming writers (Remote)

Writers for beauty niche (NY)

Write about personal experiences in the area (Hawaii)

Website writer (Ann Arbor)

Legal/creative writing specialist (Houston)

Legal content writer (Chicago)

Freelance content writer (LA)

Creative author for children’s story book (Brooklyn)

Content writers (California)



Outreach and comms specialist for software company (Austin)

Full-time marketing copywriter (Phoenix)

Comms specialist for Medical Consultants Network (Seattle)

Copywriter for national therapy services (Phoenix)

Copywriter/content writer (Summerlin)

E-commerce copywriter for retailer (South Jersey)

Marketing/admin assistant (Orange County)

Comms assistant for publishing company (Santa Barbara)

Copy/content writer for real estate company (San Diego)

Copywriter for tech client (Bay Area)

Copywriter/storyteller (Portland)

Copywriters for regular work (UK)

Digital creative copywriter (San Diego)


Editing & Proofreading

Book editor wanted (Montreal)

Indexer/copy editor (NY)

Proof-reader/caption writer (LA)

Editorial assistant (Massachusetts)

Experienced editor for self-published book (Phoenix)

Editor/ghost-writer required (LA)

Academic editor for dissertation (San Diego)

Data editor (Seattle)

Managing editor (Bay Area)

Creative asset and editor (LA)

Essay proof-readers (LA)


Journalism & Print

Freelance reporter for trial (Quebec)

Newspaper reporter (Milwaukee)

Conservative news journalist (Knoxville)

Conservative writers wanted (Dallas)

Progressive writers wanted (DC)

Automotive magazine editor (Inland Empire)

Entertainment magazine guide editor (LA)


Proposal Writing

Grant/proposal writing (Berkeley)

Experienced bid writer required (Vancouver)

Proposal manager needed (Dallas)

Proposal writer (Seattle)

Help in applying to Guinness Book of World Records (LA)


Technical Writing

Technical writer for IT firm (NY)

Legal/technical writing specialist (Pittsburgh)

Technical writer for support application development team (Fredericksburg)

Scientific technical writers (NY)

Technical writer for biotech client (San Diego)



Spanish speaker for office help (Dallas)

Civil court filings researcher (Oneonta)

Contract writer for workers comp lawyer (Sacramento)

Google search raters for interview (Cleveland)

Social media investigator (Sacramento)

Publicist/assistant for novel (Vancouver)

Detail-orientated transcriptionist (Remote)

Person with excellent handwriting required (Detroit)

Voice actors required (Detroit)

Personal assistant/researcher for education program (Medford)

Social media co-ordinator (Wilmington)

App reviewers (Liverpool)

Data entry clerk (Bay Area)

TV captioning writer (DC)

Arabic translation (Queens)

Write visual arts course description (Vancouver)

Social media writer (LA)

Screenwriter for one-page synopsis (LA)



Translation intern for trip to China (Vancouver)

Social media/press release/content writing intern (Chicago)

Social media/PR intern (Toronto)

Content management intern (LA)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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