13th September, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Take a look at all the best writing opportunities from around the internet

Hello one and all, plenty of writing jobs for you today. If you want a freelance, part-time, or even a full-time position, we’ve got you covered.


Here we go…


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Full-time content writer (Remote)

Write for tech YouTube channel (Charlotte)

Freelance writer for product review writer (NY)

Blog writers for marketing firm (Bay Area)

Community manager/content strategist (Portland)

Web hosting writer (Remote)

Expert blogger for online content (LA)

Solar energy blogger (Bay Area)

Content writer for Tempesta Media (Remote)



Marketing/sales person for real estate firm (Vancouver)

Marketing campaign manager (Seattle)

Content marketing writer (LA)

Marketing copywriter for tech start-up (DC)

Product copywriter (LA)

Direct response copywriter (Remote/Austin)

Copy writer for commercial (LA)

Press release writer (Bay Area)


Editing & Proofreading

Editor to be placed with staffing agency client (San Antonio)

English proof-reader required (Orange County)

Parse syntax reader/writer (Greensboro)

Junior editor (LA)

Junior social media editor (LA)

Associate editor healthcare (DC)

Qualified editors for Harrisco (Remote)

Copy editor for legal firm (NJ)

Content editor for Boundless (Remote)

eBook editor (Remote)

Copy editor for Creative Opinions (DC)

Digital content editor for marketing firm (Lincoln, CA)

Content editor job (Seattle)


Proposal Writing

Dog saving/children’s charity needs grant writer (Hollywood)


Technical Writing

Medical writer for metabolic syndrome manuscript (Tampa)

Analyst/writer for smart contracts (Remote)



Part-time English/Mandarin assistant (Vancouver)

Para-legal to type pleadings (Detroit)

Writer for children’s TV (LA)

Assistance with graduate class (NY)

CCSL transcriptionists (NY)

Two-page research paper (Bay Area)

Chinese to English translation (Remote)

ASL translator (Portland)

Blogger/eBook writer for cryptocurrency (Remote)

Script coverage (LA)

Short film screenwriter (LA)

Writing coach job (NC)



Social media/PR intern (Toronto)



That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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