26th September, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Find writing work online

Straight to the writing jobs today:


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Writer for beauty industry (Las Vegas)

Celebrity/trends writers (Remote)

Blog writers for content mill (Remote)

Dental writer (Dallas)

Content writer (LA)

Entry level content writer (Remote)

Female novella writers wanted (London)

Travel blogger (NY)

Education blogger (NY)

Blog writer for Coder Kids (Remote)

Coffee writers (Brooklyn)

Blogger for Fintech start-up (Billings)



Product descriptions writer (College Station)

Marketing co-ordinator (Vancouver)

Senior copywriter (Bay Area)

Freelance copywriter (Austin)

German ad writer (Chicago)

Russian ad writer (Chicago)

Freelance digital copywriter (Chicago)

Editing & Proofreading

Freelance editorial assistant (Orange County)

Part-time proof-reader (Remote)

Editor and director of photography (LA)

Part-time editor for Mommy Poppins (LA)

Assistant editor (Chicago)

American to British English editor for book (London)


Journalism & Print

Publications staff reporter (Bay Area)


Proposal Writing

Business planning help (LA)


Technical Writing

Medical writer for journal articles/responses (NY)



Project manager/customer service rep (Phoenix)

Part-time PA for writer (Cambridge, UK)

Online writing lab facilitator (Remote)

Full-time R&D workers (Sarasota)

Korean to English translator (Toronto)

Farsi translator (LA)

Translate a paper into Arabic (LA)

Lifestyle account manager (NY)

Internet/telephone researchers (Broward County)

French to English document translation (Toronto)

Social media writers (LA)



Product writing intern for Slack (San Francisco)

Social media/digital marketing intern (Valley NE)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!

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