9th October, 2017 – Writing Jobs

We want to help you find writing jobs

Happy Monday, everyone. New week and a new batch of writing jobs, so let’s take a look at what’s available…


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Digital media content creator (Seattle)

Content writer (Vancouver)

Content writer for articles (Vancouver)

Neighbourhood guide writer (Sydney)

Writer for local blog (Portland)

Content writer (Vancouver)

Celebrity gossip writers w/ Asian entertainment knowledge (LA)

Style/fashion writers (Fraser Valley)

Ghost-writer for non-fiction eBooks (Remote)

Content marketing guru (Remote)

Creative writer for dog-orientated start-up (Vancouver)



Copywriter for marketing company (LA)

Brand content marketing (Fraser Valley)

Copywriter for fashion company (LA)

Copyeditor and novel formatter (Vancouver)

Part-time copywriter (Vancouver)


Editing & Proofreading

Transcription proof-readers (Seattle)

Proof-reader/publicity assistant (Bay Area)

Proof-readers/quality assurance editors (Las Vegas)


Journalism & Print

Reporters needed for community newspapers (Dayton)

Magazine editor (Philadelphia)

Proof-reader for publishing company (South Florida)

Freelance writers for music magazine (Portland)

Managing editor for lifestyle magazine (Fort Collins)


Proposal Writing

Grant writers/evaluators (Rochester)

Proposal writer (San Antonio)


Technical Writing

Medical historian/scribe (Santa Maria)

Technical writer for software development company (Toronto)

Technical editor (DC)



Academic writers for essays (Remote)

Assignment writers (UK)

Tell short stories on camera (NY)

Romance ghost-writer (Remote)

Social media investigator (Sacramento)

Tutor for university student (Bay Area)

Interview with lawyers for research (Indianapolis)

Research associate (Vancouver)

Review writers (Minneapolis)

Farsi to English translator (LA)

Lithuanian translator (LA)

Vietnamese translator (LA)

Spanish translator (LA)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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