12th October, 2017 – Writing Jobs

Great online writing jobs every single day

We’re at Thursday now but there’s still plenty of time to check out writing jobs from all around the internet. Take a look at today’s offerings and see if there’s anything that’s right for you:


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Content writer/designer (Bay Area)

Mental health/wellness website writer (Vancouver)

Report writing (Hudson Valley)

Comedy writer for a couple (LA)

Public health writers (NY)

Blogger for numerous topics (Victoria)

Writers for high end spin studio (Houston)

Staff writer at Reviews.com (Seattle)

Part-time travel blogger (Seattle)

Business/academic writers (Ottawa)



B2C brand writers (Toronto)

Copywriter/content strategist (LA)

Creative copywriter for Fintech company (Atlanta)

Web copywriter (St Louis)


Editing & Proofreading

Website editor (Hamilton)

Financial reporting editor (Philadelphia)

Editor at Reviews.com (Seattle)


Journalism & Print

Political news reporter (Rhode Island)



Portuguese to English translator for an event (Toronto)

ESL teacher (Vancouver)

Quality analyst for Leapforce (Bay Area)

Scientific transcriptionist (Bay Area)

Bilingual content analyst (Halifax)

Project manager (San Diego)

Data co-ordinator (Glens Falls)

Live Tv caption writer (DC)



Interns for bathroom blog (LA)

Social media copywriting intern (Atlanta)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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