19th October, 2017 – Writing Jobs

online writing jobs, every single day

Another day, another collection of writing jobs from all over the internet. Here’s the best we’ve found for you today:


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Grad schoolers for writing tasks (Houston)

Solar energy blogger (Tampa Bay)

Part-time highway engineering/traffic writer (DC)

Content writer (Boston)

Math expert writer (New Hampshire)

Content writer (Montreal)

Junior web content writer (Surrey)

Freelance online writer (Boston)

Norwegian marketing writer (Bay Area)



Marketing copywriter (Remote)

Copywriter for fashion company (LA)


Editing & Proofreading

Book editor (NY)

Junior technical editor (DC)

Shop report editor (New Hampshire)

Editor for Womack Publishing (Roanoke)

Content reviewer (Bay Area)


Journalism & Print

B2B reporter/editor (Chicago)

Storyhunter for Epic Magazine (Bay Area)


Proposal Writing

Bid writer (London)

Grants manager (Bay Area)


Technical Writing

Medical writer (Cheshire)



Video captioning (Remote)

Homepage designer (Vancouver)

Video captioning job (Remote)

Stenographers (San Diego)

Music & Localization Specialist (LA)

Comedy writers for app (LA)



Fashion/beauty editorial intern (Palm Beach)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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