30th October, 2017 – Writing Jobs

online writing jobs, every single day

Monday morning and we have a fresh batch of writing jobs taken from all over the internet across the weekend. Check out these great opportunities.


Freelance Jobs


Content Writing

Blog/video script writer (Toronto)

Content data specialist (DC)

Social media writer for women’s advocacy (Remote)

Blog/review writer (Portland)

Travel blog writer (South Florida)

Digital content writer (little Rock)

Full-time content writer (Chicago)

Web writer/content manager (North Jersey)

Content writer required (Montreal)

Ghost-writer for website blog (Montreal)

Article writer needed (Toronto)

Blog writer for marketing dept (Toronto)

Online media writers (LA)



Copywriter/editor for small publisher (Reno)

Comms co-ordinator (Madison)

Comms assistant (Vancouver)

Web copy writer (Boston)

Copywriter for start-up (LA)

Press release writer (LA)


Editing & Proofreading

YA fantasy fiction editor (Vancouver)

Medical report proof-reading/Q&A (South Florida)

Copyeditor for book (LA)


Journalism & Print

Conservative news journalist (Remote)

Freelance magazine contributors (Fort Myers)

Proof-reader/writer for magazine (Hawaii)

Magazine designer (LA)


Proposal Writing

Fundraising/grant writer (Hawaii)


Technical Writing

Technical writer for translations.com (Corvallis)

Report editor/workflow assistant (Portland)

Technical writer (Christchurch)

Technical writer for Mentor Graphics (Portland)

Medical editor (NY)



Grammar/writing tutor (NY)

Domestic/foreign policy researchers (Bay Area)

Script reader for coverage (Texas)

Social media investigator (Sacramento)

College application review (NY)

Media co-ordinator for snow resort (Denver)

SAT tutor (Boston)

Creative services producer (San Diego)

Pop/rock lyricist (Toronto)

Freelance academic writers (Denver)

Experienced transcriptionists (LA)

Stenographers (LA)

Superhero screenwriter (LA)



Web copywriter intern (South Florida)


That’s it for today. Tune in next time for more writing jobs!


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